The weather has been gorgeous. Some rain a couple of days ago but each day around 80 and the star jasmine in my yard is in full bloom and smells oh so sweet. My wood rose vine seed I bought from Hawaii is now starting to grow and if the iguanas leave it alone, it should make an impressive site nest fall when we return from summer in Michigan.

Yesterday I had to go in for a CT Scan of my lungs, and was I surprised when Bill gave me the keys and let me drive to the test by myself. He guards the keys like they are the kings jewels but not yesterday. I loved the freedom of being out by myself in that car. It has only been on the trips to and from Michigan has he allowed me to drive. He is still the same rat that he has been lately so I don't think he was thinking it was going to be a treat for me or he wouldn't have done so. Been having trouble again with lung infiltrate as the doctor put it, but to me it is having trouble getting good deep breaths. I bump around like a dizzy blond but I am just dizzy forget the blond. LOL

I have been really busy with my contract knitting work. I am going to end up with 9 new sock patterns once I finish the work that is waiting for me to do. All of a sudden within 3 days 2 weeks ago I got packages from 3 different customers and I now have one customer done and the second one half done. Gives me a challenging change of pace before I start concentrating on making up for the inventory sales of the season. It is getting harder to do but I am going to continue till I can no longer move my fingers.

Keep warm and cozy. The 2nd of Feb is coming close and then we will be on the downside slide of winter half over. Soon Spring will be here! Hurrah!!!!!