Been thinking about planting and new life and its helping me to recover my balance again.  Robins here today and the grey squirrels are moving around looking for mates and food.  We will be getting two new piglets soon to raise, we have new baby goats on the way and more chickens than I can count, but the egg sales are great.  If the cost of feed goes up any more, they will soon have a much larger outdoor pen to play in.  I have to be careful because we are close enough to the Montezuma Wildlife refuge to have eagles and very large hawks flying around and they are not afraid to fly off with one of my chickens.  I make a net out of fishing line to make the predators think there is a net over the top of the yard.  It sparkles from the top and they see it and leave my chickens alone, but it takes a lot of time and patience to build one.  You have to start from one corner and go to the opposite corner on the angle.  Then weave the line back and forth until it looks fairly solid.  Learned that one from a magazine. 

We are doing a lot of reading here.  The weather is iffy and its wet out there today.  Wet snow that is.  We had rain half the night and then it turned to snow.  Still snowing, big wet heavy flakes.  Yuck. 

I have a Farm market managers convention this weekend.  In Rochester, NY, going to leave tomorrow afternoon and will come home on Saturday afternoon.  I am hoping to learn more about incorporating the farmers market into the local community.  I have put out lots of feelers, but haven't gotten a large response.  Maybe with more information from this convention, I can pull it together. I will also receive training on the new credit/debit and EBT card machine.  Maybe that will help pull in more customers, which in turn will bring in more vendors....and so on.