April 13, 2008
?? The migrating birds and I thought Spring was here until three days ago when a "winter" storm blew in bringing snow, ice pellets, bitterly cold winds and icy rain. ?It was a miserable two 1/2 days. ?We had no?accumulation?of snow of course, it was much too
?miserably?windy. ?The temperatures ?ranged from mid 20's down here next to the creek every morning to 38 yesterday afternoon.
During the storm I had two phone calls. ?One from Susan in South Carolina, telling me how beautiful and warm it was there (ya'll come) and that her?daffodils?are really beautiful this year. ?The other caller was Betty, my friend in California, coming in from enjoying the afternoon in a?lawn?chair out by her blooming roses and blue bells she brought up from Oklahoma years ago. ?They smell so good, the sun feels wonderful. ?
Today, it is merely windy, and a balmy 55 at the back door. ?Sunshine?reigns. ?Tim and I took a drive and enjoyed the greening of the hills on the way into Council Bluffs. ?At Lake Manawa, a small flock of snow geese are resting from their travels along with a pair of white front geese. ?Have a coot, there are hundreds of them, along with the equally stinky but more lovely?dabbler?ducks, the shoveler. ?A family of great blue herons lined one of the inlets of the lake. ?My irises are pushing through the mulch. ?The sun feels warm, time to bring on Spring! ?