Arlene Wright-Correll

SPECIAL FEATURES - Treasured Times &Memories

  • A Brief History of Cedar Oil as I Remember It© Read More
  • What to do With Those Seashells You Collected on Your Last Vacation© Read More

  • I am not much of an animal person. Being raised up in the city was not a place for animals. When I married into a dairying family there were plenty of animals, but none were in the house type of animals. To me, every animal had its purpose including the sheepdog which herded in the cows each night for milking. Read More
  • In 1955 I married into a family of dairy farmers who happened to own a sugar bush. A sugar bush is not just a bush it is a name for a stand of maple trees that were harvested for their sap each spring in northern New York. Read More
  • It seems that even though June 20th is the first day of summer it is really the 4 th of July that sky rockets it off. We have just about every small town in America and many large cities pay homage to that wonderful day of Independence for our great country. We have parades, picnics, baseball games, carnivals, fairs, barbeques and much more to commemorate the adoption of the Declaration of Independence and our freedom from the domination of Great Britain . Read More
  • Mother's Day is coming up on us fast and at 73 & 75 years old we still have one mother who will be 95 this year. Reflecting upon my personal 73 years of which 51 of them included motherhood I started to think about a day in my life today. Read More
  • Easter Celebrations Remember in Brooklyn, New York. A couple of years ago I wrote a pretty concise article for Searchwarp about Easter and when this assignment came and I accepted it I thought, for several days, what in the world could I write about that was more, different or explained Easter better than my last article.  I was stumped, at least until I thought about my Easter childhood days.  Read more