You have probably heard about the lives lost last evening at the Boy Scout camp up near Little Sioux, Iowa. Tim and I were up in De Soto Bend last evening, watching the storms blow in. We stayed until it became so dark and was raining so hard that it wasn't possible to see anything. We had left the house early, it was probably around 5 p.m. or so. On the way out to I29, we passed the

big, armored trucks and vans used to track and chase the big storms and tornados. It was getting very windy, with a lot of lightening, the sky was pitch black; so we headed for home in torrential rain. We listened to the crackling radio all the way home and knew that we were following the patch of a very violent part of the storm that was headed toward some towns as we headed east on I680. There was very little traffic, the underpasses were parking lots for trucks and other vehicles.

When we arrived in Neola the sirens were blaring. We have no basement and headed over to my sister's horse farm for a while. After two hours we came home and the sirens went off again over and over again throughout the night.

I wasn't able to get any pictures of that storm, but am attaching some from the night before. They were taken from our front yard. That was also pretty frightening because it just popped up and blew in. There were also tornados that night, and they hit western Omaha. Luckily, no one was injured badly or killed, just terrifying and a great loss of property.

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