Beginners Glass Etching/Sandblasting Workshop

Etch or Sandblasting can be both creative and very profitable.

We will teach you creativity using high quality customizable stencils.

Our workshop can make the difference between "just doing" and "doing well.

Call us to find dates to attend this on-going workshop and to see the special one time price below.

This is a 8 hour workshop with 1.5 hour lunch break where you can either brown bag it or go into the village for lunch.

You, too, can learn the latest techniques in glass etching.

This is NOT the acid etching workshop

Our Etching/Sand Blasting workshop techniques can be used on glass, stone and tile to sandblast many types of functional and decorative works.


Border Tiles




Pet Stones

Garden Art

Pet Stones

Wall Art

Address Plaques

When you have finished this workshop you will be able to work with Designs for Glass and Doors


Wine Room


Game Room


Store Front

Working with Fonts

Workshop limited to 4 students. So sign up now!

Many Patterns to choose from.

You too, can make something like this in this workshop.

This course is offered at $250.00 plus $35.00 for materials and includes instruction and use of our professional tools.

First 4 people who sign up get a one time offer of  $99.00 materials are $35.00 and you will complete an 8" x 10" etched work of glass art.

Use this technique to add to your stained glass knowledge or open up a whole new money making world for yourself! Sign up today and be the first in your area to know this technique.

Call 270 524 9567 for workshop date.

This is an ongoing workshop.  We offer them all the time and if someone wants to come on a different day and we have an opening we usually can accommodate them.