06- 27-08

We opened the farmers market on June 5th and started right out with tomatoes here in NY. Our friend has a greenhouse with an outdoor furnace and he runs the pipes under the ground and does the tomato planting in January. There are other pipes about 3 feet off the ground to heat the air and he waters with warm water until the weather outside starts to get warmer. Then he rolls up the sides and then the top of the greenhouse until the plants are growing outdoors, just like regular tomatoes. they are great and we are selling them regularly.

We have our herbs, scallions, greens, and radishes. Selling like crazy people even when its a rainy day.

Other than that, we are working on the land, gardening, trying to keep the birds out of the cherry trees so we can have some.

New baby goat 2 weeks ago, so now I can start milking again. Feta cheese coming right up.

Still working on more cash flow for the house. I really do not want to go into debt for this. Especially at this time.

People are getting scared about there food supply, so the more they can grow, the better off they are...even if its only container gardens and they only grow a tomato and bean plant. Its something. Its time to reconnect to the earth we live on.

Jack and I did finish our solar array. Four panels, an invertor, 300 amp fuse and a bank of batteries. So far, so good, and no electric bill. Yeah!

I have branched out into a new level of quilting. I am sick of patterns, I am trying to do landscape quilting. Picture a deer on a forest floor, moving through the trees and create it with fabric and thread. When I get a really good one finished, I'll send you a picture. Right now I am doing a wall hanging entitled "through my window". A simple piece of fabric, 24" by 18" with a scene on it that you might see through a window. Add grosgrain ribbon so it creates the look of a stained glass window and then layer it with batting and backing and bind it. You have a beautiful wall hanging for a gift. Fun and relaxing.

More later, gotta go hang laundry. Kathy