About our cats...No, they're not fancy breeds.   Teddy is a tuxedo cat...black and white like Sylvester and Sweetie is a Maine Coon mix. 

I don't have any secrets on dealing with cat hair...just the standard grooming of brushing daily and regular bathing to keep down the

dander.  I have found that the rollers with a sticky surfaced paper work best for cleaning up.  Regular lint brushes seem to push or imbed the hair into the threads of fabric.  In a pinch, I use scotch tape to remove the hair from my bed linens.  Of course, we have to vacuum daily too.  We have champagne colored carpet in our living room.  Lord, all they have to do is to walk through there and it looks filthy. 
We also try to vacuum the furniture at least once a week too.
    We have a half bath just inside our back door that we use for the cat box.  When they were little they slept in there.  We would put old towels over the lavatory and counter and they would snuggle up together in the lavatory.  They sleep with us now...unfortunately my Mom started that by allowing Sweetie, the female to sleep with them.  I kept Teddy in his room downstairs for almost another year until he started showing signs of depression and jealousy towards Sweetie.  He is such a loving cat.  It broke my heart to keep him shut up.  I let him roam at night now...he usually sleeps with me part of the night and prowls and explores the rest of the time.   
    I had always been a dog person until we got these two.  They have made a cat lover out of me. 
    These photos are not recent ones.  The photo of Teddy in the basket of silk flowers was not staged.   He loved to crawl inside that big basket and hide among the flowers.  Then he would stick his head out and play "BOO" with me.  Lord, I love that little bugger so much.  He thinks that he's a human little boy! 
    Sweetie comes to you when you whistle for her and Teddy comes when you call him.  I may be wrong but I didn't have a clue that cats would do that!   
    They are very vocal too.  I swear that there are times when Sweetie says "MAMA"!  (She sounds just like the old baby dolls that would say "MAMA" when you held them upside down.  Remember those?)