We are enjoying amazingly beautiful weather here in SW Iowa. There is snow on the ground, but today it is supposed to be in the 40's with a breeze.  Naturally our driveway is very icy and will stay that way until March or so.  The ground is frozen but the larger lakes and streams are not.  A Cooper's hawk is hunting our yard again this winter.  I wish he would target the mice.


This morning Tim filled the feeders and replenished the corn out in the front yard.  Four or five beautiful blue-jays (a band of brothers

perhaps) is busy fighting off some starlings.  There are house finches and cardinals on the safflowers and a downy woodpecker on the suet cage.  I need to go the the store and get a couple of the huge suet bags from the butcher.


Tim hung a squirrel-proof feeder out in the back yard.  They love it and Suzi loves chasing after them so we'll need to make a few changes soon before there is an accident.