I am really enjoying my pond. Have a small solar collector that I am using to run a small pump to circulate the water into a small dish that spills and splashes oxygen into the water. Planted a Norfolk palm tree near the pond. When it matures it will be a very majestic 50 foot high beauty. The 3 avocado trees at the back of my property are now 20 feet high so will keep the pool cool enough for the fish in the summer. My home is a cooler haven in this concrete jungle that used to be a lush and green city. Now this city is a hot and barren playground for the rich tourists that create waste and trash in order to get their selfish money's worth for vacations.

  I am anxiously right now awaiting the addition to my family of a new grandson. He is one week over the due date today. This is par for the course for Amy. All her babies have been beyond the due date. Too cold up north to get out and take long walks or I am sure she would be hoofing it every day to get the process underway and over with. :)