It reminds me of back in the 50's when there were trenches being dug and pipe lines run from the west to the east for natural gas pipelines that I wrote a letter to the President and suggested that this would be a very opportune time to also use those trenches to establish pipelines for al the sewer water of the eastern half of the nation be piped back to make a gigantic lake in the desert where it would create natural evaporation for rain across the middle plains of the USA so there would be cooler and moister summers and no more dust bowls, trees could flourish because of the rich nutrients and moisture where nothing but sand had been and our nation wouldn't have a shortage of water ever again.


But I was totally ignored except by the teachers grading my research and paper for high school. Got rave reviews by them but no answer from our government. In fact another paper I wrote on applying marx ideals for medical care got me hauled out of school by the military and mug shot and fingerprinted and put on a red list at age 15 under the radical McCarthy craze going on right then. My right wing grandfather had to fit himself with a rug, he said was because I caused him to pull his hair out as a teenager. The times weren't right for a green person as me. LOL