It's nice to hear from you!  We are having summer for another month maybe two (if we're lucky; not quite ready for anything else yet).  It has been nice and cool with rainy days and low humidity, kinda scary and unusual.  But the tomatoes are ripening anyway and we have eaten beets, cucumbers, squash and potatoes as well.  I'm not quite sure about the beans, they are having a rough time of it.  No pumpkins yet and the spaghetti squash I planted for my sister is all over the place so I've had to inch it back and I see only one fruit.  We are supposed to get a few days of warm weather then back to cool and rainy again.  The local geese are gaining strength as they fly together around the town.  The red-winged black birds have left as have the wrens and orioles.  We are taking a trip later today to DeSoto Bend, sometimes that's a good way to gage the weather up north.


A gal from church gave us some plums for jam and I just sealed up the last of the 14 day sweet pickles, I can hear them sealing in the kitchen; a reassuring sound.


Tim is doing pretty well,  I am still working full time and wish I could be home with him more.  I can see and hear changes in him since February.  Probably people we don't see very often would notice more, maybe not.  He still goes out and cuts down trees and delivers firewood to people, he also delivers Meals on Wheels, takes care of our pets and house and mows our huge yard. 


We had an interview with our local paper the other day:  (it has expired, use CLICK HERE to see article and photo)


Right now I am working on a book manuscript for a friend in California; I have a few stories started, but just can't get anywhere.  I haven't seen a hummingbird since spring but now we have lots of flowers blooming and the garden looks pretty nice from afar.   We do have hummingbird moths occasionally and they are pretty neat.  Lots of butterflies out in the zinnias too.  And the volunteer sunflowers grew over ten feet this summer.  Next year I'll yank those up and put new seed in, the flowers are getting too small.