September 22, 2009

Comcast finally got here and just hooked up my computer to the www so here I sit in my back family room looking out through a 16 foot wall of ceiling to floor windows into my Florida back yard. The pink pond lilies have

grown up to the surface and the beautiful Koi and white mollies swim around the pads breaking the water every once in a while after an insect. The solar fountain is still working perfectly splashing in the sunlight like millions of diamonds. It is so peaceful and gorgeous here. Everything is lush and green and the worries of the world just melt away when I gaze upon such beauty.

  Bill announced to me that he was going to stay close to the VA and its morphine that he loves so well and wouldn't return with me. I packed and I left alone and found that driving that Motorhome wasn't all the hardship he used to moan and groan about. I did very well with my kitty cats for the journey of 1,560 miles. Never even looked at a map the whole way. It is imprinted in my soul, like the migrating geese, I knew the trip very well.

  It is amazing how much spare time and energy I have now that I do not have to be at the beck and call of Bill. It took my a while to unwind and not to be tensed up for the next outburst of cussing and meanness from Bill. It is serene and peaceful here and amazingly my headaches are now a thing of the past and I feel that my blood pressure must be lower too.

  Found over 800 emails waiting for me after being off line for quite a while but no sock orders when my season should be well underway. 

People are hurting so much that Christmas is just going to have to be put on the back burner until the economy picks back up and who knows when that will be now. So I am doing like so many others, moving my daughter and her husband into the home which will make it much easier for both of us to be under one roof instead of trying to support two homes. Christmas here won't have much under the tree but we will have lots of love and happiness under the roof.