I have been busy with a big front yard project. It seems that we are having water restrictions all the time now year round here. They say we are two feet below the level of rain we should have by now and coming into the dry season. Combine this with a whole month of unseasonably hot temps and we are hurting for certain... Mind you they don't restrict the tourists on how much water they waste.... Our yards suffer so I decided to grow a lot of succulent plants and other very hardy things that will withstand the harsh water restrictions that we residents have to endure so the million dollar mile can live to excess. When they walk into a shower it must have at least 7 or more shower heads all going at the same time and a bath consists of at least 300 gallons of water or more. Oh well my poor lawn was looking so sad. There will be no more grass here. At least I am going to have a whole lot of pineapple plants tucked here and there in the front. 


When it is all finished I will get one of those disposable cameras an get a photo of the work for you to see.


I have also kept busy with the just enough of my stocking orders so I can while away the evenings doing them. At first I thought it would be a complete bust this year and last year was miserable but slowly the tempo is picking up so I get about 2 orders a week now. That will really help with the taxes. Oh don't get me started there. Houses all around have lost their market value big time but the taxes just don't seem to be losing their value they base the rate on. People around here would love to be able to sell their homes for the prices that the tax authorities think they are worth.


Okay, time for Donna to get off her soap box and get some dinner fixed and get to work. Got an order that just came in from Raleigh NC for one sock so will have some work to do on that one this weekend.