I have had a very hard time dealing with the emails I get from Bill. They are so nasty, mean and hurtful. I find myself just looking at the email to see if I have an order and getting away from the computer and his hateful remarks.

  I did get 2 custom orders that came in right after new years that have kept me busy. Also started my income taxes and of course, Bill jumped the gun on me and instead of sharing the deductions that were available for us, he hogged them all and filed married filing separately which left me no recourse but to file the same but without any deductions nor the standard deductible. I am having to pay full taxes on every penny I got last year. Hard pill to swallow but better I guess than trying to face him with the issue and force him to do the right thing.

  My daughter got me a real fun toy for Christmas. It is a real squirrel-proof bird feeder. It is made of powder coat paint on steel and it has  a big square seed box and feeder stand that when a squirrel touches it, the feeder tubes close so nary one sunflower seed can be pilfered. It really is fun to watch them try over and over again to only find themselves dangling from the perch and falling to the ground without one morsel of seed for all their energy output. 

Even more funny is to see them fly into a snit and sass, flip their tails, chatter at it and fight each other. Really gets them reved up. 





The above is a link to the feeder I have. I love it! At the price of sunflower seed, I give this a hearty thumbs up. Not one seed goes to the squirrels but instead to feed a lovely pair of cardinals that are now visiting it on a regular basis.

  I keep reading reports on how things are getting better for the economy but not as far as I can see right here in my own neighborhood. 

Of the 7 houses on my side of the street only 3 of us are not into foreclosure and of the 7 across the street only 2 are not into foreclosure or short sale. Never seen it like this in this area ever. 

Looks right here like Flint Michigan did back when what we used to call "Buick City" closed. Not at all a pretty sight to see. How are things in your area? Now compounding the problem is the influx of people from Haiti. My neighbor said that our school here in Broward took in 118 new students just last week and it is getting worse. Most do not even know basic English words. Our hospitals are now overflowing and going broke with no help so far in sight. Our Governor is appealing for help in sharing the burden from other states and the government. Something needs to be done and fast. Glad I am not into politics. What a head ache that would be especially right now.

  ...... I also have a sign I made a long time ago to protect my citrus trees that has the photo of a voodoo priestess and under her picture these words:


  A Voodoo Priestess protects these trees

  Touch them and your troubles be three


Believe you me, Islanders will cross the street to stay away from my property.

  I hope that you are doing okay and your gardens didn't suffer too much by the cold snap that hit all the way down here. A few of my high leaves on my papaya trees look like they had been nipped by the cold but all in all we came through it okay. Could use some rain tho. 

Pretty dry.