I have had my triple whammy so now I know I am going to get back to normal, at least what is normal for me. :)

1) 2 weeks ago I had my left knee lock up on me and down I went on my hip. OUCH Went and had to get 5 shots: 1 in that knee and 4 in the right side of my neck that was locking up too. Finally I could move but it hurt like .... doing so.

2) then a week ago for my birthday Linda and Ramon took me out to eat. 

Linda and I got food poisoning. We both thought we were going to die. 

The doctor said that he is seeing a lot of cases like ours now days. 

Restaurants have been hit hard with bad economic times and have cut corners to the extreme and thus it is diner beware. I am not anxious to go out to eat again or even ever now.

3) Yesterday I had been working on my email at the computer when I decided to get up and get another cup of coffee. That darn left knee gave out completely and down I went. I now am sporting big black and blue goose eggs on both knees and to make matters really sad: my favorite coffee mug over all these years was shattered into a million pieces across my terrazzo floor.

The jinx is now lifted so finally after 3 months of bundling into layers to make it through the day, I am able to sit here and not shake from the cold. We are right now up to 76 and the next 2 days are supposed to be 80. I am sure happy to see this. I really really really hate the cold! I cringed when I saw the weather map showing snow in Texas. I hope all was well with you and that you had some heat to keep you warm. Down here there has never been the need for heat. A cold snap would come and be gone in a couple of days. Not this year. It stayed for 3 months. We were no warmer than the man in the street this winter for we have no heat, only central air conditioning. That is why the photos taken in the house had me in a winter coat!!!

I intend to enjoy today. I am going outside and soak up the sun while I putter around in my garden.