May 21, 2010


I am finding it a little easier to face the computer room where I fell but believe you me, I sure am cautious when crossing the spot where it happened. I find my hands start shaking so much that it is hard to type the correct keys. My finger on my right hand has memorized where the backspace button is without looking for it any more because of all the typos. LOL


I went to the Ortho surgeon yesterday and he looked at my MRI's, both with and without contrast, and announced sadly that there is nothing that can be done for my spine, hips, knees and neck except manage the pain. He injected my knees and hips and renewed my pain meds. I got a permanent disability parking tag to hang in any car I am in free. The doctor had ordered it for me so that should make it easier for my daughter to get me into my wheel chair and take me shopping with her. We love to browse the dollar store near here. Now we won't have to park way out in the back of the parking lots in order to find a wide enough space to get my wheel chair out of the car and me into it any more. We can be near the door in a wide enough space for this. She got a big smile on her face when she saw it. It was totally unexpected.


My sister said that I should look into declaring for disability from the social security. I am not really sure how that works. I have tried to call twice now and can't get beyond the machines to talk to anyone. 

Do you have any idea about what my sister meant?? I thought that a person that went for disability had to be injured in the place they were working to get it. That is how my sister got hers. A fork lift ran into her while she was seated at her job in an auto parts factory. 


I had Polio and a bad fall so am not sure that applies for disability. 

Any advice is most welcome.