Hello friend.  I've been reading articles about Memorial Day, looking at YouTube and some celebrations on the TV.  Our faded Old Glory is gently waving on the porch.  One of my sisters

will be by later for a weenie roast and banana cream pie for desert.


Tim is taking his morning nap (not to be confused with his afternoon nap). I've spent most of the morning out in the yard in an attempt to make it more presentable.  I've tilled the garden twice, spaded it once.  Only early broccoli and volunteer potatoes survive.  Dirt starved tomatoes choke on the patio. It's a dismal scene.


I have applied and gotten Family Medical Leave in case I need to stay home with Tim.  A nice fellow from "Home Instead" visits Tuesday and Thursday; they really have fun together.  Meals on Wheels comes by Monday and Friday leaving me only one day to fix him lunch before leaving for work.


Lulu bit me on my big toe yesterday as I walked into the kitchen (her greeting place) with my arms full stepping squarely on her little paw. Her canines drove into me like a viper and I've been soaking it, swollen, red and painful, hoping to push that foot into a shoe tomorrow when we drive to the Omaha VA Hospital for Tim's day of lab and doctor visits. On a high note we'll also meet some great friends for lunch. Lulu forgives me; spending time in my lap so I could caress her paws.


My son Ian was here for Easter, it was a sweet visit and we had a family picture made.  Ian helped hide eggs for a kids party at church and dyed eggs at home.  Everyone came for supper and it was a lovely time.


Tim is still able to mow the yard, but it's difficult for him to follow requests anymore.  He's still very social, loves singing at home and church and enjoys our drives out and about. I really wish I had more time to be with him. I just love him to death.  One of my friends who's husband died a few years ago told me yesterday at church that she missed her husbands hugs very much.  I make much of Tim's hugs, pressing into his chest and loving arms.