Landscaping with Arbors and Trellises


As the summer approaches, so does the excitement of spending time outdoors. Transforming your outdoor space to create just the right atmosphere for you can be simple. Your yard may become a fun gathering spot for friends or a quiet retreat, simply by adding an outdoor structure such as a pergola, arbor, trellis, or obelisk to the area. Placing flowering plants on your structure brings color and interest to the area and helps define your landscaping.

For a dramatic statement in your yard or garden, place a pergola in it or an arbor on one side. Pergolas add definition to a space, and often feature open area beneath the roof to cover patio furniture and create a gathering spot. The open slats and sturdy columns of pergolas lend a stately elegance to your area. For a different look, use an arbor in conjunction with fencing to create a border around the yard with a bold entry. Use a gate with the arbor to create a hideaway, or keep it open for a welcoming look. For a private spot, use a bench beneath the arbor. Add excitement by using the arbor as a stand alone focal point.

Enhancing a smaller space or adorning a wall is easily accomplished with trellises or obelisks. Most trellises are made with legs which insert into the ground, for placement in your flowerbed against a wall. Adding several in a row beneath your deck forms a screen, to beautifully create a barrier. For even more drama and versatility, obelisks can stand alone in the garden, and many may even be placed in large planters for height in an area. The variety of shapes, styles, materials, and heights for both trellises and obelisks offer a wealth of choices, for you to surely find the perfect unit for your garden.

Adding structures to gardens and yards brings definition to the area, while adding proper plants can truly personalize the space. Many climbing plants thrive when growing on trellises, arbors, and obelisks, bringing lovely color throughout the seasons. Roses are a traditional favorite for sturdy trellises, and wisteria climbs up arbors with ease. The stems of morning glory and jasmine will wrap around obelisks or trellises, bringing beautiful leaves and color to your deck or yard. Helping these plants grow upright with a support also leads to healthy root systems for a robust garden.

Personalizing your outdoor space enables you to thoroughly enjoy it. Whether you prefer an open space with plenty of seating for friends and family, or a secluded area with a single bench, there is a garden structure to meet your needs. Be sure to view all of the Pest Control on our site to make the best choice for your garden. For more personal assistance, please call one of our customer service representatives toll free at 1-877-562-1818 from 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Standard Time Monday through Friday.