Time is just flying by at supersonic speed for me. I seem to never have enough hours in the day to get my to-do list dented let alone finished. LOL

  I thoroughly checked out the social security possibilities with not only the ss office but that lawyer firm that advertises that they get results and found that I am WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY past the age for getting disability. Once retirement kicks in that perk goes out the window. Oh well, it was a sweet thought while it lasted.

  The therapy has run its course. They have a limited amount of visits and I have had mine fulfilled. I am keeping up on the exercises that were taught me and struggling to keep on my feet as much as possible. 

I never thought loosing the ability to walk would be such a hard adjustment for me, but it is a very bitter pill to have to swallow. I love the outdoors and my gardens so much and now I struggle to try to do the smallest of chores out there. At least I am still able to work on my knitting. That is a blessing for sure. I just finished a cute stocking where instead on the tree on my original sock there are little boys and girls [old country style], a couple of santas similar to mine and then where I have the reindeer there are a couple of trees. The foot is about half the size of the one on my original sock and has a bell on the toe. It is interesting the many patterns I have made doing my recreations for customers.

  We are having unseasonably hot weather here right now for the past 2 weeks. What happened to spring. We jumped right into summer here. 92 degrees today and looks like that will be par for another week. Our lows are 80 at night. Like stepping into a steam bath to open the door for the morning paper. UGGGHHHH!!!!!

  I was without a phone, computer and TV Cable for a couple of days. 

Now have it back on and with a new phone number. The cable bill which wasn't in my name hadn't been paid, of which I was unaware of, and comcast cut it off. I got hold of them and now have it restored in my name so that cannot happen to me again. The new phone number is: