Man, this summer has been tough. I've replanted our garden twice, picked one sad tomato which seemed to rot on the way into the house (although barely red, I was afraid it was actually overripe). I've found some stuff to sprinkle around the beans, keeping the rabbits off them long enough to perhaps bloom. Instead of rows of potatoes, I dug a deep hole and dumped the seeders into it. It will be interesting to see if anything comes of this. Now there are baby rabbits once again the the garden. I dreamt about them hopping about cutely last night.  (I also had a dream that I'd been shot in the heart three times, but I won't go there.)


Yesterday was a great respite from the horrible heat, rain and humidity. Mosquitoes hover in clouds. They love me no matter what I have on to deter them. Lake Deli Dam in eastern Iowa failed yesterday, flooding the area, closing down county fairs and forcing evacuations. I know it's much more horrible than this. My heart goes out to these folks.


Tim's doctor recommended he go the adult care during the week. When he's not there a nice fellow from Home Instead is here. When he's not available a friend from church comes and they have lunch at the Senior Center here in town. The time when he cannot be left alone looms in the shadows. I've joined more support groups, much needed. 

The last so sad, the families sat there crying. I hate this disease and what it does.


I've put pictures on Facebook, (taking up so much time to do that) and also write a bit here and there. Our trips to DeSoto Bend have decreased, mainly due to the closed roads and flooding there.  Still love going there though, our last trip was two weeks ago. The Missouri raged nearby, muddy, trees and other flotsam beneath the surface, mosquitoes everywhere. We have done no camping, I am waiting for cooler weather.


There is a lovely abundance of songbirds in the trees near the creek this year, mostly song sparrows and house finches but rose-breasted grosbeaks did raise a family nearby, there are two families of cardinals not one and the orioles returned. This year there finds a flock of both mourning and turtle doves at the feeders. Tim is busy keeping feeders and birdbaths full. He has good days and bad days. 

Don't we all.