August 2, 2010

I shared an article on PSP, Progressive Supraneucular Palsy with one of my sisters. What a terrible and sad disease. A friend�s husband has this. I�m so sad for them both.
In the article are suggestions for coping:
*Don�t wait, do it now and for as long as you can.
* Don�t feel sorry for yourself, what good will that do? Count your blessings and treasure the times you�ve had, and still have together. Right now focus on your loved one�s happiness. Treat him/her as the person you�ve always known because that person is still there behind the wall.
*Don�t be afraid to fail, whatever is is, try it, if it doesn�t work, and some won�t, at least you gave it a shot.
*Don�t be afraid to ask for help.

I�m sure I can come up with my own as time progresses.