According to The Merriam-Webster Dictionary (2004), Confabulation means to fill in gaps in memory by fabrication. Now at least I can understand where Tim is getting his information for his “memories.” He drags in other memories to fill in the gaps in what he’d like to say. I think when he does this it’s best not to question the memory. That would be very cruel. Because of his disease it’s not a good idea to use memory to prompt him in conversation. “Hey Tim, remember when. . .”

In this disease, long term memory is a strength, at least for now.

I’ve also noticed that he’s lost or is losing abstract concepts . . . time, relationships. As in “this is Ridiculous, your step-father’s brother’s first cousin.” Better to say “this is Rid.” Tim has pretty much lost track of day to day stuff, unless it’s Wednesday, when he sings with Pastor Tim at The Club. And also weekends, he always looks forward to them.

Isn’t thinking amazing? So much more involved than just memory.