A whole week  has passed without hitting the 90's! Fall is really right around the corner. Yippee!!! LOL


  The book is still out on whether or not Bill is still the meanie he has been, but at least he is over 1500 miles away from me and I now have new dead bolts on the doors to my house. A very good feeling indeed.


  Accomplished a whole lot of fall housecleaning or should I say clearing this week. It was the cities bulk junk pick up day Thursday so I got busy hauling out to the curb all those items that had been occupying space in the garage and the back porch. What a big pile it soon began but it hadn't been out to the curb more than a couple of hours when one pickup truck after another of 'gleaners' came junk picking. By the time all the picking was over, the big pile had dwindled down to a mere mole hill. What they say about one mans trash is another's treasure is so very right. Made me feel better about dumping so much stuff. I now know someone else is getting use of it down the line.


  Today I am going to pick a couple of avocados I have been keeping an eye on and get some much needed pruning done around here.