Hi, Busy busy busy...just got done butchering 4 chickens and they are soaking in salt water.  I have 5 heads of cabbage to slice and fry and then can.  Will do chicken breasts, legs and thighs at the same time. Cook the carcass of the chickens and make broth for soup and can that for the winter months.  Next week will either bring a fishing trip or we will butcher a pig.  Depends on the weather.  Other than that, quilting and helping hubby cut and split firewood in between.  Taking care of my Mom who has Alzheimer's Disease.  Life is really all about the strength to continue./  How are you doing?  It's quite chilly up here today.  We've had snow three times already.  Only 36 today. Garden is almost done.  Only Leeks left in it now.  Anyway., have to get back to work.