Another Year Has Passed


Happy 2011. Tim is taking a nap after breakfast and it's quiet in the house. He's not able to think of anything to do other than his Circle Word books and if I don't direct him, he will go to bed. 


I have been looking for someone to just look in on him when I am at work and haven't come up with anyone. I have also exhausted my Family Medical Leave and after  getting half of my two weeks pay I just can't do that anymore. So, back to full time work I go. I have asked Ken from Home Instead to come back Thursday for a few hours and will deal with the bills as they come. Ken is just the nicest man and I have great confidence in him.


We had a nice Autumn, it was long and colorful. Thanksgiving was nice but I had been ill for awhile and it was hard to be around a loud, happy family and eat rich food. Tim had a ball. He loves his family so much. My family is a blessing to him. He will never be alone.


Christmas was so sweet. Tim and I sang carols and read our Bibles getting ready for a birthday so much needed and anticipated. A simple service at church (not on Christmas), Pastor Ray teaching us about the miraculous birth of John the Baptist, leading up to the miracle of Jesus. He is not done yet. Excellent teaching.


Tim gave me slippers and a card reading: "For all the moments we have shared together, for all the trying times you've seen me through, for making us a home that's warm and welcome that wouldn't be the same without you.

For being such a wonderful companion, an ally, and a loyal confidante, for being someone I am always proud of, the greatest wife a man could ever want."


How about that.