Outdoor Entertaining


Many of us have arbors, trellises, hooks, and other common outdoor decorations in our backyards; but often, their true potential is overlooked. Let’s look at a few different ways these items can be used in outdoor entertaining, such as in graduation parties, weddings, or parties. Using each of these pieces in a new and specific manner is a fantastic way to decorate for outdoor gatherings and celebrations, while exploring your creativity.

You likely use arbors and trellises in your garden to emphasize and entryway or as a privacy screen. With the upcoming wedding and graduation season, however, these structures may prove much more versatile. The large dramatic arch of an arbor is already a focal point; use it to draw attention to a centerpiece. Place a cake, drinks, or gifts on a table underneath and arbor so that your guests are sure to find them. Stand under an arbor during a wedding ceremony, or place a bench underneath to create a welcome sitting area. Trellises too can prove handy resources for a party. Place a few trellises together to form a screen, which can create privacy, camouflage an area of the yard, or form a walkway. Create a screen behind a band or honored guests by placing trellises one next to the other. Create a pathway of trellises on either side to guide guests past areas you don’t want them to see. Either arbors or trellises, since they are designed to support plants, can have faux flowers and vines woven in them to create an instant focal point. For an even more dramatic statement, use a pergola for a fully covered entertainment area, reminiscent of outdoor restaurants and patios.

While tables and benches can be used well in their traditional ways, they too can be slightly transformed for outdoor entertaining. Use the arrangement of tables or benches to define a “dance floor” or to restrict access to an area. Picnic tables with attached benches are rather limited to sitting and eating, whereas, tables with unattached benches can prove more versatile. Remove the benches and use the table as a buffet or service table and use the benches elsewhere for convenient seating. Nesting tables, simply tables of varying size, will also offer a decorative look, and can easily hold decorations, gifts, or snacks.

Accessorizing your outdoor gathering is simple with help from shepherd hooks. These step-in instant accessories are offered in a bevy of sizes and colors, to meet your needs. Shorter shepherd hooks can hold solar or candle lanterns to light pathways or intimate sections of your garden. Use several shepherd hooks in a row, connected with flowers or fabric, to create a dramatic and exciting walkway or aisle. Create people feeding stations sporadically around the garden by hanging “goodie” filled birdbaths from taller shepherd hooks. Shorter hooks work great for children’s items, while taller hooks can hold more adult snacks and beverages. As a fun wedding accent, use a stand with multiple hooks to display favorite photos or hang favors.

Using outdoor structures and décor in new and exciting ways not only makes your outdoor gatherings more exciting, it can also help you and your friends display your creative personality. By using some of these tips and suggestions and some of the items you may already own, you will be happy to host an outdoor gathering or garden party. Enjoy entertaining your friends and family this season with new and unprecedented uses of your garden décor. BestNest carries a large selection of arbors, trellises, shepherd hooks, and outdoor decor in our Outdoor Living department. For more personal assistance, please call one of our customer service representatives toll free at 877-562-1818 or internationally at 513-232-4225 from 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Standard Time, Monday through Friday.