A week and 1/2 ago I was taking a heavy hard bottom filled suitcase off a shelf and dropped it on my right foot. I knew immediately that I had broken my toes and the arch didn't look too good either. A big purple goose egg developed at once where the arch took the brunt of the blow. What a mess. The doctor said I had 2 fractures and a crushed foot. He gave me a script for some shoe and have been trying all over town to get it filled. I guess this is usually done if you end up in a rehab nursing home. I go back to the doctor in 3 weeks now so will see what is happening then. In the mean time, the foot sings to me to stay off it and it is driving me crazy to have to do that!!!! I am not one to want to lay around all the day with a foot in the air for sure.

  I don't really advertise my stockings anywhere. I am not sure but I think that CCNOW sometimes has some promotions but not sure, it may be just a site registry of all merchants who sell to them. I do know if anyone puts donnadirect into google search, my site is numero uno!!! 

That is really great for repeat customers who come to know me as donnadirect to find my site once again. Things have been really dry as far as stocking orders go here and speaking of dry .... we are really suffering for rain down here too. About a week ago there was a photo of a water hole in the everglades that had a whole bunch of dead fish in it for it had dried up to the point that it couldn't sustain fish life any more.

  Tell Randy, I know what he is going through trying to keep his veggies alive. The same thing here. My cukes and melons dried up and died but I still have good tomatoes and beans. Somehow my raspberries are still holding on but it breaks my heart to see them wilt during the day heat. Was 92 today and still no rain.

  I spent Easter at the ocean this time. It was a wonderful breezy 86 degrees and the water was enticing to the tourists who hot footed it across the sand to jump into the surf. One by one they emerged groaning about all the polka dots they were wearing on their skin. 

Good old BP oil is now apparently visiting the beaches on the Atlantic side of our state. Everyone was sporting tar tattoos on their bods. 

What a mess! I was busy with a bottle of Avon "Skin so Soft" helping some remove the mess. At the same time I reminded each and every one of them to NOT EAT SEA SALT!!!!!! I think they got the message loud and clear. Good luck to Wendy's trying to sell their french fries around here to those happ-less tourists... lol