Cabbage Salad

1 head chopped cabbage

1 bag (14-16 oz) sunflower seeds

10 oz sliced almonds

3 bunches green onions cut up (I used reg onions)

4 pks ramen noodles (any chicken flavor)

2 lbs cooked chicken breast (cut up)


Sauté sunflower seeds,  almonds and onions in butter.  Crush up dry ramen noodles,  Use dry chicken flavor packs from noodles added to dressing



2 C veg oil (Canola)

1 C Sugar and 4 pks chicken flavoring from noodles.


Add dressing to all of the above, stir and refrigerate for 4 hr or more.

Add Red wine vinegar to dressing if you like the tangy flavor.


(I did not use the seeds and nuts and I did not sauté the onions)