A water bill of over $89.00 has led us to discover we have a water leak somewhere and Carl is tracking it down. Finally Carl thought it might be under the slab because we have a crack in the Mexican tiles from about 10 years ago and another one from 3 years ago.  We normally use about 2200 gallons of water a month and we had pumped almost 16,000 gallons into the ground.  So Carl cut the pipes and was rerouting the water temporarily until we got these 2 exhibitions and 1 art show out of the way or we would have had to call in a plumber and a jack hammer crew to start going crazy in here.  After he got the work done he went up and checked the water meter and it was still going crazy.  Upon further investigation he discovered one of the watering sprinklers out in a garden area away from the house was never turning itself completely off and was running very low to the ground 24/7 for 30 days.  So he had to redo all the plumbing he cut off and hook it back up and at least the problem is solved.  What a day!  The Gods were smiling on us today.


I finished this 7 x 5 colored pencil drawing today of the Hollyhocks we grow around here.