Relationships and Happiness


A few months ago, our friends in Omaha let me know that they were no longer answering their email. That was their way of telling me that was the end of our friendship. I can't fault them for this. 


Tim's daughter in California called, ending a ten year hiatus. At first she called frequently. She and I had "chats" and she also spent some time talking with Tim. She and her (estranged from Tim and I) brother called on Father's Day. But now the months have passed and the foot is in the door. She and her husband will visit us for 2-3 days in September. Tim will ask me why she doesn't call anymore. 


Tim is still the sweetest man. While we are doing familiar things, in familiar places he's content and able to function fairly well. The other day he helped me make a salad; as I showed him how to cut vegetables and tear lettuce I realized he's in danger while holding a knife in his hand. He's not really able to follow verbal instructions anymore even if I show him. I have written instructions for him and he's not able to follow them even with pictures. There was the frightening incident with the microwave. Last night He vacuumed the rugs, he wants so much to help me. 


On the other hand, he can still read and sing. We sing every morning and during the week we also sing with friends from our church. Tim is able to remember tunes and lines and even learn new songs. He is also a comfort to some people at his  adult day service and is very helpful there. Tim seems happy to me. That's what I want for him. 


In July we celebrated our 32nd anniversary; Tim treated at Burger King, gave me cards and a stuffed dog. Like I said, he's the sweetest guy. He adores me, can you imagine?


This morning we danced a bit in the kitchen. He had trouble with a twirl, but hey, what's a twirl when you are being held by your darling.