The weird & strange things kids do every day 

as told by Therese Roberts



My birthday is Saturday and Jeffery asked me yesterday if there were dinosaurs at the zoo when I was little? When I told him no, he asked me if I went to school in a buggy? I responded NO and went about my day. Around 10:00 that night he came in my room and ask "How old will you be? I said 38 and he said for me not to worry he would make sure I got put in a nice nursing home! The older I get the more I wonder just what my kids will do with me.


I was starting to think we were going to become human popcicles (freezing in Texas) or go insane because all the kids were home. Yeah here's you a kid story..

When John and Journey were really little (Journey was still on the bottle), John always watched Sesame Street and Journey just happen to sit down in front of the tv. She didn't even touch it and was not bothering anyone. John walked up and beaned her in the back of the head with his cup! OUCH!! Journey gets up and runs away and John puts on his show and thinks that everything is all right. Wrong! Two days later John was watching his show and here comes Journey. By the way, she was only 11 months old. Do you remember the old Gerber juice bottles? The big glass ones that the nipples fits on. Full, they are very heavy. She got on her belly, slithered up behind him and stood up ever so quietly AND BAM, SLAMMED HIM IN THE BACK OF HIS HEAD AND TOOK OFF! ! !  Don't worry, he was not hurt physically, only his pride! 



Two nights ago, Amanda says her ear was hurting. She has had problems with that ear for a couple of years. So I told her after I finished my bath I would clean it out with some peroxide. She says it hurts so I stop and look in her ear, THERE IS SOMETHING IN HER EAR! ! ! ! I thought at first it was a bug. But instead it was a piece of metal. Maybe an earring back? Sounds logical right? NOT! It turned out a metal snap off of some pants we think. Must had been in there for a couple of years. Thought maybe you could use an insane laugh! ! ! !  HAHAHA 

 Hey maybe you should start a page of STUPID stuff kids do? I could keep you  going for years!!!!!! Charles remembered the pebble (what he put in his ear and tried to pull it out his mouth as a silver dollar). He was telling Amanda about it while we were trying to get a good grip on the metal. Man when he pulled that out there was a pop and the smell, OH MY GOD!! I have been putting antibiotic ointment in her ear cause of the rust. We told her she was abducted by ALIEN BEAVERS.