Thank you so much for the opportunity to show our equipment.
My husband, Shannon, and I live in south-central KY on a 13 acre mini-farm.  We have a diverse operation and are trying to become semi self-sufficient.  We have berries (raspberries, blackberries, strawberries) that we sell.  We also plant a large garden and sell the excess.  My specialty is blue lake green beans, which I have discovered grow very well here.  I usually plant a large number of these and sell to the local grocery store.  We have fruit trees which just started bearing.  We also raise chickens, for meat and eggs to sell.  I have always incubated some eggs each spring for ourselves but this year I took orders for chicks.  My neighbor gave me some guinea eggs and I tried them.  I had almost a 100% hatch.  So I sold guinea chicks.  The chicks and guineas were by far the most profitable thing for us this year.  Also have a few goats, mainly for brush clearing.  We also have good hay and fescue that we use and sell.
In June 2000 we sponsored a small farm field day at our farm.  We had the University of Kentucky come in to give the program.  One of there newest experiments is small farm technology.  That had a man named Joel Dufour come in with the equipment he sells.  It is a 2 wheel walk behind tractor imported from Europe.  Joel also imported all kinds of implements that can be used with this tractor.  This was a real hands on day.  Any one who wanted to try out the equipment could. 
We were so impressed by the equipment that we bought the tractor, tiller, brush hog, sickle bar, cultivator, hay rake and hay baler.  We bought all that for what we had paid for an old used tractor and 5' tiller.  After using the equipment we were amazed by it.  We talked with Joel and took a sub-dealership for the equipment. Shannon and I thought a website would be nice.  We had a local company design the website and we were off and running. 
Joel's father used to have this dealership, while Joel was growing up.  Joel has been associated with this equipment for well over 20 years and is really THE foremost authority on it.  Even BCS America calls him for consultations.  I haven't seen a problem that he has not been able to solve.
Since the website and traveling to exhibit our equipment we have grown so fast that we are now combining our operations.  Shannon and I will be moving to the Frankfort area to join forces with Joel.  We have a warehouse there that we hope to be in by spring and will make our operation more efficient.  We have, in stock, all of the equipment listed in our catalog so there is no waiting.  Any technical questions can be answered by Joel, and he doesn't mind giving out knowledge for free.
Thank you again for the opportunity to share this fabulous equipment with everyone.
Carole Kington
P.S.  I am a 61 year old female, small in stature, and I can operate this equipment with no problem.  This is a real advantage for women.
Also, I want to say that the hay baler makes round bales that are 2'X2'.  I discovered that this is perfect for feeding goats or sheep that can use the round bale feeders sold through Caprine supply and a couple of other places.  A real savings on hay!