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2008 seems to be choose your own date. I did a google search and found some places featuring October 27th, November 11th, 13th and 20th. No two had the same date and the CDC site mentions no smokeout or date at all.

Thursday, November 18, 2004 will be the Great American Smokeout. Mark the date and try to give up the cigarettes!

CDC: How to Quit

National Center For Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion. Tobacco Information & Prevention Source (TIPS) They have lots of great help at this site.


I saw this site advertised on television and knew I wanted to add it to this section for anyone who might be looking for help. It is most important to just keep trying.

This address will take you directly to the Great American Smokeout. This year, the day to celebrate is November 21, 2002. At the site find programs in your own area, a how to map out your own method of quitting. Look through the list of brochures & pamphlets they have available.

Come on, you have to psych yourself up just to quit for an hour. See how strong your will power can be when tested; give it a day or give it forever. Take the challenge, do it for yourself and all the other people in your life will benefit.

Health Hints

This site was started in 1997 and looks like it was updated for last year's Great American Smokeout. It has a lot of great information and hints to help. Well worth the visit.  

(Read The Pleasure Principle:  Connections between Reward & Learning by Joanna Schaffhausen)

Brain Connection is a great site, essential to teachers and anyone wanting to learn why they are stuck with a set way of thinking that is so bad. Sign up and they will send you a weekly email with lots of info and a handy link to their site.