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We used to have Byron Tumlinson to answer all our gardening questions but he just disappeared with no more contact. Best we can do is to search the sites below or to ask experts we find. Click above to see the collection grow.

Lots of great answers to all sorts of Tomato questions. 
These are instructions that went with some seeds Byron Tumlinson had shared many years back. Well worth saving and remembering.
This page is the Diseases of Home Garden Tomatoes put together by the Nebraska Cooperative Extension. It is thorough and has photos of all the diseases problems you might encounter in your garden. Good reference page! No longer anything on the page for Tomatoes. Great publications though. 
Our collected experience on raising tomatoes. Not all years are good ones. Some are really lousy!

 More & Better Tomatoes with a cover crop of hairy vetch

This is a most excellent website. I quickly learned everything I always wanted to know about heirloom tomatoes.

Growing tomatoes for home use. Some good general guidlines.