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Lots about Onions from P. Allen Smith

I have always had trouble growing onions and when I read this, I found out why and what to do about it. Some great information worth knowing. Enjoy.

Why does an onion make me cry

This tidbit came from the Dixondale newsletter. It's free and fun. They introduce all the new varieties and will answer any questions you have about onions.

Onions, Q & A from TAMU

Find the Answers to the most commonly asked questions about onions. Including recipes.

Have All the Bunching Onions you could want

Article by Byron Tumlinson, Bio-Intensive Gardening Section, T-N-T Farm

TAMU Publication- Onions

Texas A & M University, everything from long day & short day, varieties, how and where to plant and many recipes.

Multiplying Onions

Many sources of information about Multiplying or Egyptian Onions. 

Click on the logo to access their website. We have used this company for many, many years. They are the ones that taught me about long days and short days. They will show you what varieties are best for your area and have many to chose from. They ship early spring when it is time to plant. Order a free catalog or research all their valuable online knowledge.