For over 4 years, PhancyPages© Communiquè was sent out as a free weekly email newsletter only to people asking to sign up. Within the last month (January 2006) we have not been allowed to send out more than one message at a time. aol had convinced our service provider that we were spammers so we were shut down. Easier than having their person unsubscribe.

The website (newsletter) is now open to all visitors. Our writers and contributors remain the same and new people are encouraged to join with the fun of learning and sharing. All work is copyright material, no one gets paid for articles but they retain rights to their own work. We enjoy teaching and sharing what we know. Should you notice problems, please send me an email. As always, be careful on the Internet dealing with people. Especially when handling sensitive information like credit cards, when filling out your form in shopping sites or casinos. You need to be extremely cautious when selecting sites that you choose to invest in. Always go for secure and reputable sites like where you know all of your credit cards won't reach the wrong hands and you won't even be asked for sensitive information because of the casino bonuses they constantly give out, which means you will play for free without making any deposits.

The same goes for doing it in places where you can earn money - like online casinos, for example. Make sure that the £10 free no deposit rewards offered to you come from a reliable website with proven reputation - and do your research before choosing your online casino.

Topics include: Home Farm Herbery & Avalon Stained Glass Classes, The Scrubbie Lady, Genealogy, Self-Sufficiency, Bio Intensive Gardening and Gardening by many writers, Homesteading, Homeschooling, Kitchen Tips with LOTS of recipes, Sewing & Homespun Creations, Wild Bird Sightings, Parsimonious Living, Ideas on How to Quit Smoking, Critters & Pets, Beekeeping & Selling Honey, Free Stuff, Laughter, Classified Ads and our own Reader's Forum.  

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