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Websites Well Worth the Visit

Should you find a good website, please send me an email.

The Frugal Village

I sure do enjoy this site and became an honorary member but it is sure worth joining to share in all they have to offer. I am also new to the forum scene and can have trouble making the easiest thing work but Sara has been great to help me along the way. They have a new site called Homestead Garden that am eager to go and visit. Excellent learning site !

Our Family Place

 Watch out for the credit report. But they do have many good tips worth reading.

Family Fun

This is Disney, so keep that in mind as you look through the pages. They have LOTS of ads and popups, so again, you are warned. They do have loads of tips for grocery buying, electricity usage, saving on phone bills, expenses and all purchases.


Find hints, Craft Ideas, Recipes and Homemade & Handy. Lots to read & learn.

DMOZ Open Directory/Homemaking/Frugality

This page will keep you busy for at least days! There are dozens and dozens of sites I had never heard of but sure sound great. The site itself is only a list but that's all the more to choose from. I haven't checked out any of the different sites so I don't know if there are any warnings necessary.