...the View on 03-04-04 by Mel

The last few weeks have been so busy. I hate weeks like these though because I feel so rushed but never can figure out just what the fuss was all about!

I have been doing a bit more decluttering, some days I think MJ might worry that I will become too zealous and pluck him up from the tv as well!

I found amidst my cleaning an old window I had saved from a rubbish pile. It is still very pretty with a design of flowers in a vase etched on it. The frame is in disrepair. I have had this thing for over 7 years and have still not done anything with it but move it from place to place. I had envisioned it as a mirror at one point. A picture with blue construction paper behind the glass has also appeared in my minds eye. Now that I am going through all my things and removing stuff, it occurs to me, this fits in the “get it out of here” category. I have had it over six months, I have not looked at it with care or appreciation, it has been hidden away in various closets for 7 years or more. Can I really part with it? Why am I clinging to it? It has no memory value to me, other than a rubbish pile in an alley. Yet I can not seem to part with it! I keep telling myself it needs to go but when the time comes I think it “would look great as” and so it stays put. I thin k, well it is out of the way, so why mess with it. It is unlike me to feel this way about a thing! I am the one who moved from California to Texas with only what fit in a Honda civic wagon and a ford escort! That included 2 kids 2 dogs and 3 adults! So why must I agonize over this window?? Oh well perhaps that is a decision for another time! Right now my mind is churning with the ache to get outside and plant something! MJ bought me a Tulip yesterday at wal mart, they were on sale for .55c each so he got me a pot with 2 of them in it. I have decided for not they will be near my sink, so I have a constant reminder that spring, and new life is near! I have been really watching around here and there are birds! I love birds, mostly we have crows and buzzards but there are some smaller ones as well. I have as yet no trees for them but I hope to build some feeders for next year. We have no squirrels out here, but plenty of skunks, wilds cats, coyotes, and I have heard of a bobcat running around someplace nearby. There are of course deer, though we are I think too close to the interstate, and have too many neighbors for them to be a common site in my yard.

 Well the windows are open and the breeze is so refreshing! Just enough of a chill to cause a tingle, but not a true shiver!

Well time to get busy so I will close for now. I wish every one a wonderful weekend!