I am reading "The Encyclopedia of Country Living". She give tons of info, much of which I must skip since it does not apply (Such as delivering my own baby!) I also will not be having animals about, well other than Kat and Diesel. As I get more into my garden I will review her information there. MJ thinks I am bonkers because I want a worm bed... 

This year I will buy my compost from Lowe's but I hope to get brave enough to ask my farmer neighbors (the one whose cows give me so much pleasure watching) if I might have a trash barrel or 2 of homemade stuff for next year. I have decided my veggie garden will be about 1/3 of my yard, now I need to look to fencing. I know i want the berry bushes as a hedge but that won't keep the loose dogs out. (Or any other creature for that matter) I really want to use latticework, as it will give a wonderful trellis for the bushes.

Now that my home is cleaned and organized to almost the way I want it (is there such thing as a perfectly cleaned home?) I will have time next week to really begin studying online the garden stuff.

This week i am scanning recipes from my taste of home magazines so I can get rid of them. I love them but have not even looked at them 2xs since moving here last year. The same goes for my country, reminisce and countrywoman. Now that I am making crafting a part of my day (also beginning next week) the crafting traditions are safe for now!

Well for now, there are packages to pack, it is just amazing how much stuff has left since we began ebaying! I love the empty spaces, and MJ likes the money! Of course he is upset that "my" stuff is selling faster than his is, but I put up collectibles and he does computer stuff. Collectibles are a bigger market online I think.

We are supposed to get rain tonight, I sure hope it comes! We need ti so badly here! It certainly looks grey enough for rain out!

Plus this weekend there is a large flea market in a nearby town to benefit a church. I am going to se if MJ would like to go, he keeps mentioning it but so far we have never left home!

Well off I go to work on an apron I began Monday, I still have not decided on the decorative bits I want to use!

Have a wonderful week ya’ll!