My morning started off with a bang today. Actually it was a small tinkle of shattered glass. Kat (the mouser that wasn't) knocked a glass off 

the kitchen table. Can't really blame him (though I would love to) I slept in and he and pup’s (Diesel) water bowl had gone dry so he decided to drink from a glass his big head wouldn't fit in. They had water last night, guess it was a thirsty job watching the mice romp!

So I am up trying to restore order to my mussed kitchen. On weekends we have a bit of fend for yourself and I usually do a deep clean every Monday. I wanted to get a head start today. I usually play loud fast music, country or Christian, have no use for rock or rap. I put in my Toby Keith cd, the blasted cd player reads no cd. Cleaned it and tried again, still no cd. Kind of slowed me way down there! Then MJ had said he couldn't get the microwave working last night. (For the record the micro is a convenience I would rather be without, I mainly use it to melt cheese on things) so I moved it about to find a new plug that I had just used. Yep the micro is dead.

Not a big deal as it was slightly used when I got it a year ago and it is like the ones they sell now for $40.

Ok that was Sunday, MJ had #2 son cart the micro out to the curb.

Then Monday I tried plugging in the can opener, it didn’t work either…. Now on Saturday night MJ tried the fuses and none were blown (he did however crash my computer by flipping a switch GRRRR). Well one plug in our kitchen has its own fuse or reset plug on it. What we did not know was, it controls 4 out of 6 plugs in that area of kitchen! So back out went #2 son to retrieve the non-broken microwave.

Today it is Thursday and we are being blessed with RAIN!!!!! I am so pleased! It is not the gusher we need so badly but it is a start! It is supposed to keep on until Sunday.

Well I am going to cut this one short because with the rain comes a side effect… a major sinus headache! I will gladly handle the headache in exchange for the rain though!

Have a good’un ya’ll!