This week has been adventure after adventure! I have begun as a sale rep for a home show company. I Love the items and so does everyone who sees the catalog.

On Monday I went to a neighbors and she asked me to help her feed her animals! Well her Jack bit me! Guess he thought I was a snack!

The weather here has been so odd! Huge storms last Thursday and then clear sunny and warm all this week! Today is a bit overcast with a 70% chance of rain, and tomorrow has a 90% chance of storms!

My tulip has bloomed, a beautiful orange/yellow stripe! I potted it and have it at my kitchen sink where it has two windows for plenty of sun. I have the windows all open for now, I have been able to keep them up since last Friday!

We spent last weekend cleaning up our yard form the winter mess, and I found a junk pile at the back of my acre. I know it is odd for one not to have been to the end of their yard for a year, but last year I was sick and then had surgery and was not allowed outside much. We found about 7 or 8 weed eaters, and 2 ten speed bikes, and the frame to a coffee table. MJ wants to try to salvage one of the weed eaters and the bikes and I claimed the table frame! Not sure what we will do with these items yet but they can be fixed and we can use them! I hope they do not become the next “old window”!

MJ has decided I can “become a farmer” after all. He has agreed to let me have chickens and a feeder calf. Now we just need to get the pens built! I am starting my garden in here and will move things out. I may try some plants just because I am not patient and these seeds are taking their sweet time!!! <G>

I can actually hear birds singing now, when the wind is not blowing so hard! The mesquite that grows in the field across the road is their home I suppose. I wish they would come and eat up the grasshoppers this year! We have hundreds of them about last year!

The grasses here are turning green again. I am hoping I have some more of the soft grass that has red tips in it. I have no clue what it is but it is so soft and pretty I would not mind at all if my whole yard was filled with it!

Well I have a cake or 2 to bake so I best close this for now.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!