Howdy ya’ll! I would like to thank you all for the nice welcome! 

You know, last week when I sent in my article I forgot all about this week being Christmas! Talk about being a ding bat! So I wish you all a belated Merry Christmas! Now before I forget, Happy New Year!

 My mind has been wandering varied trails this week. I was leaving one afternoon to go get the boys from school, and I happened to look up and see the clouds. For an instant they reminded me of the trails a tractor leaves when it plows a field.

Then later I was watching the wind (we have constant wind here!) as it blew my iris leaves around, and saw my tiny purple sage standing proudly in its circle of bricks.

 I have many plans for this small piece of ground here. I want a front yard full of roses, iris and many other flowers, plus a few shade trees. I can imagine it in my minds eye, isn’t that how they say you begin to accomplish goals? You visualize them? Well with all the visualizing I am doing you would think the yard would be done by now!

 I did try a little early this year, but had some medical trouble so had to put it off yet again for next year. That is one of my favorite things about a garden, even if you mess it up, you can do it over next year! Like a chalkboard, mistakes can be done over until it is the way you wanted it.


Wow I can not believe Christmas is here! How quickly it comes and how swiftly it leaves! The boys are enjoying their gifts, declaring this the best one ever. I admit it does feel different this year.

We went to the in laws yesterday, it was so good to see my mother in law looking pert and healthy after the last couple years of illness and pain. Still there is a bit of an empty place for us this year. We lost the last living grandmothers with in a few months of each other. Now my inlaws are the only grandparents left.

Well I will keep this one short.

Happy new year to all!