Samuel Thomas Kettler, 6, of Coryell City, died Saturday, March 6, 2004, at a Waco Hospital.
Funeral services were held Tuesday, March 9, at 2 p.m., at St. John Lutheran Church of Coryell City. Burial followed at St. John Lutheran Church Cemetery in Coryell City.
Sam was born on March 30, 1997, in Clifton, Texas, to Shawn and Suzanne Pruitt Kettler. He was attending school at Gatesville Primary School and was in the first grade. Sam was baptized at St. John Lutheran Church by Pastor Charles Brinkmeyer on March 10, 2001. He was a member of Hay Valley 4-H and loved playing baseball and soccer. Sam was very full of life and love, and he was loved greatly by his family and all who knew him.
Sam was preceded in death by his grandparents, Kenneth Kettler and Margie and Donald Pruitt.
He is survived by his parents, Shawn and Suzanne Pruitt Kettler of Coryell City; sister, Laramie Kettler of Coryell City; grandmother, Dodie Kettler of Coryell City; great-grandmother, Almiria Dickie of Coryell City; and a host of aunts, uncles, and cousins.
In lieu of flowers, memorials may be given to the Gatesville Primary School Library, Gatesville Public Library, or to the Gatesville Baseball Complex.

Hello Everyone.
I just wanted to pass this information along to each of you so you know what a  truly compassionate and caring man we have in President Bush.
My first cousin, Shawn Kettler, and his wife, Suzanne, and daughter, Laramie, lost their 6 year old son, Sam, in a drowning accident this past Saturday (March 6th), outside Gatesville. They all live within a few miles of the President's place in Crawford TX.
Sam and a young friend of his were walking around a tank when the mud gave way and Sam fell in the tank.  The tank is a spring fed tank, and Sam was sucked under the water into a "sink hole" where the spring came into the tank.  His little friend tried to get him out but was unable to reach him, so he ran about 200 yards to his house and told his grandmother.  The grandmother called 911 then went to the tank, but was unable to even see Sam.
Sam's father and a volunteer fireman arrived first and began diving into the tank but were unable to locate Sam (I believe they said the water was about 10 feet deep).  The Deputy Sheriff that received the 911 call was at the entrance to President Bush's ranch when the call came in.  He told the Secret Service agents at the gate what was happening and they, in turn, radioed the ranch house.  President Bush told them to "Go - take all the men and equipment you need and just go".  He also sent his personal physician and his helicopter over to the tank.
Sam was finally located and pulled from the water by one of the Secret Service agents (I believe there were 5 agents there all total).  There was a faint pulse but they could not revive little Sam.  President Bush's doctor began working on him and they loaded him into the Presidential helicopter and took him to Hillcrest Hospital in Waco. The doctors there worked on him for awhile, but he had been under water for 45 minutes, so there was really no hope for his recovery.  And, had he survived, he would never have been the same.
Sam was truly a unique little boy who lived life to the fullest.  And he loved the fact that "George Bush, the President" had chosen to live so close to his house.
When the family went to the funeral home in Gatesville on Sunday to make the arrangements, they were told everything had been paid for by an anonymous donor.  After much "detective" work, it is believed that President Bush is that anonymous donor.
I just wanted all of you to hear this story so you know what a true gentleman our President is.  And I ask that you pray for my family as they deal with this tragedy.  And, lastly, please pray for our country and President Bush as he attempts to hold it all in place.
 Don't ever forget to tell everyone close to you and possibly, some of those not so close, how much you love them.  Tell them everyday because life is short and very unpredictable.
I love each of you.
Debbie Barnes

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