We have had so much rain this winter so I took advantage of a few days of sunshine last week to start a rose garden. I love roses and thought my neighbors would enjoy them also.

  When we signed all the papers for our apartment the manager mentioned the lady that lived here and the next door
neighbor had some heated arguments over the shared flower bed. She said half the flower bed would be mine and half would be my neighbors.
  When we moved in I notice a small white fence in the middle dividing the two spaces. When we viewed the apartment that fence was not there. This did not bother me because I know my boundaries and try not to abuse them.
  Right away I planted miniature roses because they take less room and the space I have is small. I also planted some Impatiens and Salvias to attract the butterflies and hummingbirds.
  I notice the lady next door bringing home flats of all kind of plants. She would let them sit there and  die. Being she worked I ask her if I could plant them for her. She was real happy I asked. She said she worked in the garden center at Wal-Mart and they gave her plants that they would usually throw away.
  We  had such a nice flower garden that the neighbors would come to see and admire it. We also shared plants and cuttings with them. She has moved away and I miss her so much. We not only became good neighbors we became good friends.
  Anyay, I wanted some larger rose bushes this year and dug a place by the fence close by. I have planted four rose bushes and I am still looking for a yellow and a white one. My daughter Donna loved pink roses and yellow butterflies so I am in hope of getting lots of both.
  When I was looking at roses I was amused at some of the names. I purchased one called "Macho Man". The write up on it said "slightly rowdy scent that will have you doing aerobics in the rose garden". I couldn't help wondering what my daughter and granddaughters would think if they caught me doing aerobics in my rose garden. I might add I was more impressed with the picture of the lovely rose than the write up.
  I love working in the yard, seeing things grow and sharing the beauty with others. I think we are closer to God and nature when we are in our gardens be it flowers or vegetables.