The potatoes are doing great this year. We have had just enough moisture and warm weather to cause the potatoes to grow fast.

Yesterday, I covered the plants for the first time. Hopefully we will have a great crop of potatoes to harvest in a few weeks. With the

warm weather, we have been able to plant about 1/2 acre of cowpeas, (blackeye, purple hull, and cream). They are all just starting to break through the soil.

I also planted some of our watermelons. They are also starting to come up. This is about 3 weeks earlier than we planted last year.

I love this time of the year. Being able to get out and really work in the garden beds. The smell of fresh turned soil mingled with the flowers that are now blooming in profusion is wonderful.

All the fruit trees are in full bloom, and the citrus already have small fruit on them. I intend to go out today and weed all the garden beds that I can since it is supposed to be sunny and in the high 70's. I also will probably plant squash and maybe some cucumbers.

My father in law started several hundred tomato plants (about 1500) for us in the green house this year. They are really doing great, and we will be setting them in the beds in two weeks if it does not start to rain. By raising our own plants, we have a greater selection of plants. This way we can see which plants we like the best, and which fruit sells the best at market and begin to narrow our choice down to just two or three varieties. This year we have started out with 17 different types of tomatoes. All the way from the old standby Brandy Wine to the Tree Tomato that is supposed to grow from 8 to 10 feet tall (we'll see about that claim). We are also going to grow tomatoes in a more controlled type of soil. We are making these soils ourselves out of compost and other additives. No chemicals just natural additives.

To grow better tomatoes this year than you ever have, see my blossom end rot formula in a previous article. We used to lose over half of our tomatoes to blossom end rot due to the lack of calcium in our soil. Now we never have this problem.

I hope this garden season is the best you have ever had. God bless and Happy Gardening.