Well this week has not been as eventful as last. The boys are home on spring break. Spring has actually broken out here! Actually this week our

temps are early summer and I am a bit afraid we will not have spring again this year! Last year with temps this high this early we had an average of 105 all summer!

Monday found my oldest son, Andrew and I off to my friends to help her put in her garden. Then she treated us to lunch. It was a fun day all around.

So far this week we have managed to get my new flower bed planted! We have begun the row for the melons and pumpkins too; they are not going in the big veggie garden. We are putting them in the gully our in front of our house.

Today the boys are off to work for the man we are buying our home from, to help him fix up another house.

Saturday we will be getting the cross ties and hopefully some pallets that will begin our garden and hen house area!

Last evening when I dropped the kids off at a friend�s to wait for the youth group bus my car broke down! We managed to get it into her driveway. We were able to call and get a ride for MJ to work, but we are not sure how long repairs are going to take, being out here mechanics are few! We have heard of one and have a call into him for an estimate. Thankfully our insurance includes towing up to 50 miles!

Well the washer is calling my name, as are the breakfast dishes, and the chicken that needs to be in the crock-pot!

Today is a large laundry day, I plan to change sheets, I got some pretty ones last weekend at a yard sale!

Well all I need to get busy! I hope to have some progress to report next week!

Have a good one!