Well this week is humming along nicely!

Saturday morning found my son, Drew, his buddies Mike, CJ and I going to my friend�s home and getting cross ties to begin plotting out my veggie garden. While Mike, CJ and I

going to my friend�s home and getting cross ties to begin plotting out my veggie garden. While Mike, CJ and I headed off to find pallets to tear down for fencing material, Drew stayed behind and began digging in the ties. He took a break during the hot part of the day and decided to finish them off in the dark! So he brought out an extension cord and plugged in a lamp to see by. About 10, both the car and ties were done and a tired crew headed in for supper.

While the guys were busily working on the car and ties I was trashing out the yard, weeding and watering. I also did most of the laundry, have you ever noticed how laundry multiplies and just when you think you are done, 3 more loads appear?

Sunday has dawned bright breezy and cooler. Today I plan to finish digging out the garden area so I can plant the plants I bought and put in the seeds I have not started inside yet. I am growing some Anasazi beans. These beans are delicious, and expensive! They are only sold here in a gourmet shop at $2.95 a pound! They are a gorgeous purple and white bean and do not need to be soaked to cook! They have a slightly sweet taste and are�umm gasless! The original seeds were found at the old Anasazi ruins in I think New Mexico. They are believed to be one of the first cultivated crops, and a staple of the Anasazi (ancient ones) Indians. I planted a few in the house a few days ago and already they are sprouting! I plan to plant these and a few straight from seed in the garden.

I need to expand my garden area already, but that will wait until I have the beginnings going!

Well it is now Thursday and the car is already acting up again. My neighbor claims it is cheap gas, but we have always used the low cost ones and it never acted up until now.

In the flower bed I have 1 seedling poking its head up, and nothing else but a couple weeds trying to make a comeback!

The iris bed is a different story though! I have a riot of gorgeous purple under my bedroom window! They seem to have gone from dormant to profusion in just a couple of days!

In the veggie garden something appears to have sat on one of my tomato plants and took it off to just above ground! I will let is sit for now and see if it tries to come back. I plan to get out there with some more seed today. OOOOO it feels so good to finally be able to work outside consistently!

 Well in order to get that done I must finish up inside first so for now, have a great week!