the view from Mel's place

by Mel Frizell

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04-03-04 Well here it is Sunday again, time to begin another view. Hopefully there will be more to speak of this time ‘round!

Well I have been ill for 10 days, I went to the Doc on Friday, she said it’s pneumonia. I suppose I had it worse than I thought since I am still feeling ill 3 days later.


I looked out my window today and noticed the iris have stopped blooming. I see a few still have buds so there is hope for more!

I have not seen much outside over the last few days, the meds the Doc has me on do not react well with sunlight. So I have slept for days. Well I did watch a couple of movies, Fried Green Tomatoes and PollyAnna. Then I slept some more!


Well here it is Wednesday and I am finally feeling the clearing up in my lungs.

The rains have wreaked a bit of havoc in the garden, the bean trellis has fallen down, but I had no beans planted yet so no real damage was done.


I see many flower sprouts in the flower bed and the tomato and pepper plants in the garden so far look promising. I am hoping to be up to planting more this weekend. Right now just loading the washer wears me out! I am tempted to vacuum the house but I know how I get. I won’t quit until I am all done and will be sore all night! At least the laundry is doing and I can rest between loads.


I am so looking forward to summer with the boys home. Well I did over do it yesterday! So for Thursday I am going to piddle a bit, MJ gets irritated at me for over doing but there are so many things I want done!


Well for now I am going to watch a movie, and wish you all a wonderful Easter weekend!