I love the different seasons but there is something magic about spring. People seem happier and the songs of the birds are sweeter.

    Here in Texas the bluebonnets are blooming and other wild flowers. I have a friend that has bluebonnets growing in her flower bed and red and white verbenas - a real patriotic theme. They are so pretty and I wish I had thought of that, too.

    They have planted yellow marigolds  in

beds around the trees here. They look so bright and cheerful. One white rose is blooming on one of the bushes I just planted a short time ago. It was suppose to be pink. Either a honest mistake or a careless one someone labeled wrong. The neighbors have been excited about it so the joy it has brought is well worth its keep.

    This is the time of the year I miss my homestead. I do enjoy my apartment and the people here. It is in the spring I miss and not having a vegetable garden. Vegetables just taste better home grown and even better when we grow our own.

    Tomball stays like a small town even if it is growing more ever year. People that visit me remark how friendly and helpful people are here. There are still people here and around Tomball that have farms and gardens. Fresh vegetable stands can always be found  in the summer time.

    There is a large farm, west of Tomball, and I have been there several times. I have never seen anyone there when I have gone. In the yard in front of their house they have tables sat up with fresh vegetables on them and one table has a price list, scales and a tin can. You do your own weighing and drop your money in the can and drive off. I am always amazed with this.

    There is a man here that grows vegetables in his small patch of land. He grows so much in such a small space. It always reminds me of the victory garden they encouraged every one to have during world war two. Small gardens were every where. In my small space I prefer flowers as they do good here and I love flowers. I like putting my fruit and vegetable peeling in the soil  as it helps the soil and the plants do so much better. My only problem  in  doing this is I sometimes have a night visitor I call Walter. It is a opossum and he has been around quiet a while. He doesn't do much harm so I have never worried about him. Last week my neighbor, Carolyn that lives in the apartment above me, called to say her son had just got home and said there was a big badger in the yard. She told me not to take my dog Mocha outside. I had neither seen badger nor ever known what one looks like so I went out side with my flash light to see it. The badger had crawled up into a tree. When I  put the light on it, there was Walter looking down at me. I told Carolyn it was an opossum and he was more afraid if us than we should be of him. She looked possum up on her computer and was surprise it is called opossum and wondered why. Good question.

    I am blessed  having a friend like Carolyn.  We are what the manager likes to call apartment buddies and living in an apartment we do need one. A while back she put a card on my front door and although she didn't sign it, I knew it was from her. I called her right away and said, "Carolyn you would never guess who sent me a card."  She said," Who?"  I said," God." Then she said, "How do you know that?" I said, "The card says some one above you loves you and so that has to be God."

    Living on the second floor she has hanging baskets and nice plants as do most of the people here. We are fortunate in having a manager that encourages us to have flowers and plants, and she does her share to add to the beauty.

    I am sure every one is busy with their gardens now with spring  planting. I wonder if the writers for PhancyPages realize how interesting and helpful their articles are. I enjoy reading them so much. May God bless all of you.